A Big Winner

Today, we're celebrating a couple of awards that went to a customer at a recent car show.  You saw this car in our BLOG back on February 23.  The car was already a head-turner when Joe, the owner, brought it to us.  Blue Sky was commissioned to make some cosmetic updates to the engine compartment and new wheels and tires.  The car was also re-badged to reflect the 455 engine that was part of an earlier update.  It was delivered during the recent Blue Sky open house.  Joe displayed it in the Park Ridge car show last weekend where it won its category, 1960’s, and also took BEST OF SHOW.  

Congratulations to Joe on getting recognition for a truly unique and awesome vehicle.  And thanks to Joe for giving Blue Sky the opportunity to work on it. 

Goceljak Car Show 010.jpg
68 Firebird 455 010.jpg
68 Firebird Trophies .jpg
Steve Barratt