1967 Camaro

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This 1967 Camaro SS comes to us from a customer that is “hands-on.”  Blue Sky has been chosen to perform the body and paint work on the project.  The original body was too far gone, so to save the hassle and cost of repairing countless areas of rust, our customer purchased a replacement body and all new body panels from Real Deal Steel.  This approach can be more cost effective than trying to restore an original body that is too riddled with rust, patches and bondo.  Great job by Real Deal Steel supplying a product that is particularly high quality.   Check them out:  http://realdealsteel.com/

The car will be given a show finish in 2017 Corvette Admiral Blue with traditional SS stripes in Pearl White.  Check back for updates on this project. Once it is painted, the customer will take over and finish the project.  We can’t wait to see this car on the road.

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Steve Barratt