Some Extra Muscle

How do you fit 600+ horsepower under the hood of a 1991 Mustang Fox Body?  First, you pick the right shop and then buy the right parts.  Here’s just some of what we’re doing on this project.

The engine is a built 363 Stroker with a Dart block and AFR Heads.  Power goes to the wheels through a Tremec 5-speed transmission and a built 8.8 rear end with 3:55 gears.


 With a goal north of 600 HP we needed a power adder.  We selected  an On 3 Performance Turbo Kit with upgraded intercooler and larger turbo. 

 And since the stock computer has no chance of managing all of this, there’s a new Stand Alone engine management computer.


To keep this Fox handling like a dream, we’ve installed a full QA1 Suspension package.


 And to to control all of this power and performance, New Edge Cobra Brakes


After the performance upgrades are finished, this project will move on to the body shop to continue the journey.  We can’t wait to see the customer driving this one.  We’ll keep you posted.

Steve Barratt