Motor Madness

For Blue Sky, the first show of the year was the Memorial Motor Madness operated by the Hackettstown Rotary Club.  The weather was perfect and the turnout was HUGE.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk cars, trucks and bikes.  We love talking about them just as much as working on them.

Here’s a shot of the rotisserie and a project we’re really excited to be working on right now.  The rotisserie gives us the opportunity to discuss our capabilities and show the in depth restoration work we perform.  The body on the rotisserie is a numbers matching 1968 Firebird 400HO 4 speed car.  That car will be restored back to its original factory condition, to concourse specs.  

Car Finish reduced.jpg

We also brought along a work in progress 1967 Mustang Convertible  we have been building. It sports a fuel injected Blue Print 306 crate engine tied to a 5 speed manual trans and a 9” rear. 

 Take a close look at the rear quarter of the Mustang.  The flawless surface is the result of outstanding prep - a 6 stage wet sanding process and 3 stage polishing process.  Paint cannot cover for poor prep.  That’s why at Blue Sky, we pay meticulous attention to the surface of your car BEFORE, as well as after, paint.

Steve Barratt